Supervision of Students Before and After School

Supervision of students commences at 8.25am daily. It concludes at 3.20pm for students being collected by car and when the last bus departs, that is, approximately 3.30pm for students travelling home by bus. At all times outside of these hours no supervision will be provided and no responsibility will be taken by the school for any consequences of the activities of pupils. Please assist the school, in the interests of the pupils safety, by ensuring that your child or children do not attend or remain in the precincts of the school outside these hours. Special arrangements will be made however during authorized school activities, which require the attendance of students at school outside these hours. The school will not be responsible for supervising students outside the school premises except when they are engaged in a school activity such as for example a sporting event or excursion. The school will not be responsible for supervising students on their journey to and from school or responsible for supervising students at bus stops on their way to or from school. Each students journey to and from school is the responsibility of each student's parents or guardians.

Before and After School Procedures        

In the interest of student safety we insist that the following procedures be observed before and after school:

  • Parents bringing or collecting children by car are to use the Wheelers Lane or Myall Street entrances. Parents are requested not to park in the school carpark area but park outside the school grounds and walk into the school to collect/drop off their child/children. Parents who have a disability are permitted to drive into school grounds. When parking in Myall Street please park on the school side so children do not cross the road and do not park in the bus bay.
  • The Myall Street entrance is for students traveling to and from school by bus. It is closed at 9.05am and re-opened at 3.00pm. This is to ensure student safety and school security.
  • The Wheelers Lane entrance is also used in the morning and afternoon for students traveling by bus.
  • If students arrive between 8.25am and 8.40am, they are to forward immediately to the primary class lunch area in the Shed and remain seated until 8.40am. No ball games permitted.
  • In the afternoon parents who pick up their child/children are requested to collect them outside the classroom area at 3.00pm or Canteen between 3.00-3.20pm. The children are not permitted to wait in Wheelers Lane or Myall Street or leave the school grounds unless accompanied by parent or guardian. A teacher will supervise students who are picked up by car from 3.00pm until 3.20pm outside the Canteen. Students are to remain seated at this time. Any students at school after 3.20pm will be escorted to the School Office and parents/guardians will be contacted. However it is important that all students are collected by 3.20pm.
  • Students going home by bus are instructed to move to the Myall Street entrance and wait in their bus lines inside the school grounds supervised by a staff member until their bus departs. Bus 6 children go to library.
  • Students who walk home are asked to wait outside the school Library and will be escorted to the school gate in Wheelers Lane by a teacher supervising Bus 6.
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