Are you struggling with getting your child to complete or even start their homework? You?re not alone. Many parents struggle with homework routines.

Here are some suggestions that can make things a little bit easier.

  • Allow your child to relax after school. It?s important to eat afternoon tea and have some free time before attempting homework.
  • Organise a place to sit and do homework free of distractions. This is most likely to be at a desk or table in a room away from T.V and interruptions. Turn the TV off until homework is done. Perhaps the child could choose the venue!
  • Help your child set a regular homework time ? use a timetable
  • Help your child get started and be near enough to help and provide guidance, but wait until your child asks for help before giving it.
  • Offer praise and encouragement whilst your child is working. Comments such as "you're working well tonight" or "that's great," are often very useful in the early stages of motivating a child to persist with homework.
  • If your child is young, you may wish to check your child's homework. Try to concentrate on noticing the good points. If there is an error, gently point it out but try to avoid criticism. For older children, they should be able to complete the homework on their own
  • Keep an eye on how long it takes. It may be a good idea to break it up into chunks. Spelling for 20 minutes with a break, general homework and reading at bed time.
  • Allow your child to experience the consequences of handing in work to the teacher that is not perfect, or even late. The child may then learn from their mistakes. It is their homework, not yours.
  • Check with the teacher if your child is having problems. Understand what the teachers expectations are in relation to homework.
  • Setting up a special homework/reward chart may work to encourage a child.
  • General Tips to help with homework:
  • Many families find it helpful to have a rule such as: homework learnt, T.V. earnt!
  • Don't do homework for them
  • Don't sit with your child unless absolutely necessary
  • Don't put pressure on them to achieve good marks all the time
  • Give encouragement for correct work, rather than criticise for mistakes.
  • Don't feel you have to make sure your child's work is perfect before allowing him/her to hand it in. Allow the teacher to manage their learning.
  • Don't make homework time a family feud time. If your methods aren't working, talk to the teacher or ring us at Parent Line.
  • Don't expect them to do too much schoolwork beyond the work set by the teacher. Remember they have already had 6 hours at school and many other activities can be good for their development as well.
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