The schools of the Catholic system have been established to support Catholic parents in the holistic education of their children. Particular emphasis is given to supporting parents in the faith development of their children.



Enrolment is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Siblings:
  1. Siblings of Catholic children already enrolled in a Dubbo Catholic school.
  2. Siblings of non-Catholic children enrolled in a Dubbo Catholic school prior to 2003.
  1. Baptized Catholic children of practicing Catholic parent(s)/guardian(s).
  2. Catholic children of non-Catholic parents.
  3. Children baptized in other denominations or faith traditions.
  4. Children who are not baptized – provided the parents have had a meeting with the Parish Priest and he has advised the Principal to consider the child/children for enrolment if there is a vacancy in the school.


Note especially:

v  Enrolment acceptance or non-acceptance can only occur after interview with the School Principal. The School Principal will then make the final decision regarding enrolment.

v  While every effort is made to give families their first choice of schools when enrolling their child in more than one Dubbo Catholic school this cannot be guaranteed.

v  Children who are enrolled in a Primary school are not guaranteed a place in Year 7 at St John’s College. All children have to re-enroll for secondary education at St John’s College.

v  Younger siblings of non-Catholic children enrolled at St John’s College are not guaranteed a place in a Catholic Primary school.

Other Considerations: 

  1. Child must be five years old before 30th March of the Kindergarten year.
  2. Students from overseas: Permanent and Temporary Residents – refer to Enrolment Procedures from the Catholic Education Office, Bathurst.

Supporting Documentation

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Other Sacramental Certificates
  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Reference from Parish Priest if child is not from Dubbo
  • Reference from or phone call to Minister of Religion if child is not Catholic
  • Current School Report (if applicable)
  • Letter from or phone call to previous School Principal
  • Letter from or phone call to Combined Catholic School Fees Office (if applicable)

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process consists of the following:

  1. Completion of an Enrolment Application Form & Family Particulars Form. Please ensure both parent/guardians sign the Enrolment Application Form & Family Particulars Form.  Please ensure you read the conditions of enrolment before you sign the ‘Parent/Guardian Declaration Form’.
  2. Formal interview with School Principal.
  3. Interview with Parish Priest for parent(s) of children who are not baptized.
  4. Depending on enrolment numbers it may be appropriate for the Parish Priest & School Principal to discuss the enrolment of non-Catholic students in lieu of interview with Parish Priest. This may occur before enrolment can be finalised.
  5. Parents of new Kindergarten children must attend an information evening.
  6. New Kindergarten child/children must attend an Orientation Session. 

Please Note:

  • Advertisements calling for Enrolments with an Enrolment closing date must be promptly attended to, so as to avoid disappointment.
  • Children may not be enrolled if they have been expelled or suspended from another school, have a criminal record, or have a poor history of fee payment or continued behavioural problems.
  • Previous schools will be contacted during the Enrolment process for all children.
  • Combined Catholic School Fees Office will be contacted during the Enrolment process for all children with regard to siblings already in system.
  • If either parent has sole custody or shared custody of the enrolling child, the most recent documentation from the Family Law Court must be given to the School Principal at the initial interview time.
  • The choice of the child/children’s teacher each year is solely the decision of the School Principal.
  • If parent(s)/guardian(s) remove their child/children from the school due to non-compliance of school policies, the child/children will not be re-enrolled.
  • Parents are to complete a Cancellation of Enrolment Form – Student Exit Form when your child/children leave the school. This form is to be completed at least one week prior to your child/children leaving school.

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