Enrolment at St Mary's Primary School Dubbo is a commitment to support St Mary's as part of the local Catholic community.  One element of this commitment is the necessity to meet the fee requirements of a Catholic Infants/Primary education.  St Mary's provides an up-to-date, effective and well rounded education with the support of fees paid by the parents.  The initial application for Enrolment that you sign when your child commences at St Mary's Primary School includes your commitment to accept your obligation to pay School Fees as determined by the Diocesan Education authority and School Principal.  This states that your fees must not be in arrears for a period of 2 terms or more. 

Fees are invoiced from, and payable to, St. Mary's Primary School. There are numerous payment plans and methods available to suit every family.  If you are experiencing genuine problems meeting your fee commitments or you have a change in circumstances that may impact on your account, please contact the school office between 8.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday during school terms.

SCHOOL FEES FORMS:  Available for downloading

St. Mary's Enrolment Application 2018

St. Mary's School Fee Agreement

St. Mary's Transfer School Fees to Another Party

St. Mary's Divide School Fees Between Parties

Diocesan School Fees Policy

St. Mary's Primary School - Fee Schedule 2019(please click)

The sibling discount is only applicable to the "School Fee":

2nd Child 15% discount   
3rd Child  30% discount 
4th and over 45% discount


The Diocesan Capital Works Levy will appear on the invoice of the eldest child.

2019 Levy Annual Total Additional Information Term Total

Capital Works Levy 2019 $558.00 Per family $186.00

Not included in the "School Fee" is elective specific materials and excursion costs which will be billed separately.
These fees do not include optional and ad hoc activities such as music and representative sport.
These will be charged separately.

Term amounts are billed over the first three terms of the school year.
Payment plans are available as indicated on your invoice.



The cost is based on the maximum number of students attending to cover the cost.

There may, at times, be an excursion that needs to be added during the school year.  

The School will send home permission note for parent/s to sign and return to the school prior to each excursion taking place.

Sporting Teams:  Parents must sign a contract to acknowledge they are aware their child is to try out for sporting teams and there will be costs involved if they are selected to represent St. Mary's.


Loss or destruction of school property will be charged to the individual concerned.  This may be invoiced from the school or added to the School Fees.


Parents are responsible for all fees incurred while the student is attending St Mary's Primary.  Students who leave the School may be eligible for a refund of fees under the following conditions:

Diocesan Fee Schedule:
Students may be eligible for a pro-rata refund of school fees paid beyond the date on which the Student Exit Form is received or upon which the student finishes.  Whichever date is the latest shall apply.

Capital Works Levy:

This charge is not refundable as it is paid into the Bathurst Diocese.

Refunds:  Will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.  The request must be made in writing stating the reasons why a refund is requested.  The decision to authorise a refund is at the discretion of the Principal.


1) School fees are set for the whole year, but are payable over the first three terms or with one payment at the beginning of Term 1.

2) All School Fees Accounts not on an approved time payment arrangement must be cleared by the end of each term, thereby clearing all fees by the end of Term 3.  Any outstanding account balances will be followed up by the School Fees Office and an interview may be required.

3) The most convenient method of paying fees is by an authorised payment programme which may continue through the whole year. 

 a)  Direct Debit (please call into the school office)
i)  The Catholic Development Fund can arrange to transfer payment from your bank or credit union to the St. Mary's P.S. - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  The Catholic Development Fund will absorb the Bank Transfer Charges.  Direct Debit payments are calculated from February to November each year to clear by the end of November.  These payments can continue over December/January, therefore allowing you to be in credit for the following year.

ii)  Direct Transfers can be made from your Pay Office.

b)  Centrepay - a direct bill paying service available to customers who receive a Centrelink payment.

'The final responsibility for your School Fees account rests with you'.

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